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Tri-County Natural Gas is located in Union Point, Georgia and serves Greene, Oglethorpe, Taliaferro and Madison Counties.

Natural gas burns very clean and efficiently. Natural gas is used for furnaces, water heaters, ranges, gas grills and fireplaces...

Gas Water Heaters. When it comes to heating water for your family, there’s no better value than natural gas. Here’s why:

  • Reliability. With fewer parts to wear out, natural gas water heaters can be more durable than electric models.
  • Energy-efficient. With superior heat distribution and retention, they can cost less to operate than electric models.
  • Faster heat recovery. Gas water heaters deliver up to twice the hot water in the same amount of time as an electric water heater.

Gas Ranges & Grilles. Home chefs agree with the pros: Natural gas ranges cook best. Another plus: Even if the power goes out, you can still cook for your family.

High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces. Air from a natural gas furnace is up to 25 degrees warmer than air from an electric heat pump.

Gas Grills and Fireplaces. Gas logs are available in a variety of designs crafted to resemble real wood. The gas burner assembly creates a pleasant effect that suggests lively glowing embers...

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